Hawker Society

The Society is dedicated to the memory of Robert Stephen Hawker, poet, historian, antiquary, and for forty years Vicar of Morwenstow on the north coast of Cornwall.

The Hawker Society will aim to

  • perpetuate Hawker’s memory and foster and extend interest in his life and works
  • help to protect and conserve the buildings and countryside connected to Hawker and recorded in his writings
  • inform members of news and arrange events
  • keep members abreast of relevant publications

On the website we shall build and maintain an archive of literary, critical and historical material connected to Hawker, his writings, and his times.

There is no formal membership procedure at present, but anyone who expresses an interest can receive email notice of updates and additions to the website, and will be kept informed of future plans.

Stephen Allen and Charles Cox, Hon. Joint Secretaries

  • Honorary President – Piers Brendon
  • Joint Hon. Secretaries – Stephen Allen & Charles Cox

This site will go offline in 2019 due to no hosting funds. If someone would like to take this on. Please contact [email protected]

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